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Why a Custom Home?

We all understand the notion of a custom tailored suit or a piece of custom crafted furniture, even a piece of art custom created just for you. Off the rack is fine, of course. We all make do with production-made, and make them our own with add-ons, upgrades and features, etc. But imagine the fit, style and function of a piece of custom tailored clothing on a scale of an entire home.

Fortunately, you don't have to imagine it, and it's also not out of reach for most homebuyers.

Welcome to the world of custom homebuilding.

Rethink the Homebuying Experience

It's not that custom construction hasn't always been an option. It has. It's just that as developers created residential communities populated with production spec homes, for reasons convenient to the developers and builders, and homebuyers accepted the increasingly common process, it became the norm. And you can walk through a new spec home and think, "I can make this work."

But why would you want to? At One Ocean Drive Realty, we think that's a rhetorical question. We hope you do too.

Welcome to the world of custom homebuilding.

So, Why a Custom Built Home?

Because nothing compares to a new home, in the first place. The place in which you'll live, play, sleep, quite possibly work, and in which no one but you has ever resided. It's personal on a grand scale. Now, up the ante of all the grandeur with a new home that has been constructed around the unique lifestyle of you and your family. Just for you!

At One Ocean Drive Realty, we're here because we believe that it truly does not get better than this.

Welcome to the world of custom homebuilding.