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Winter Gardening Tips

While the rest of the country is getting cold, South Florida remains nice and warm. The moisture in the air is lessening and the sun is backing off a bit, leaving us with beautiful weather in the 80 degree range. It may not be spring time, but having a beautiful garden is a yearlong commitment. Here are some November and December gardening tips from to help keep your yard and thumb green this holiday season!

Proper Planting


No matter how green your thumb is, no garden will survive if you aren’t growing the right plants for the season. Fortunately, the Florida winter is a far cry from harsh and we can support a lot of different plant species. One great example of this is Dwarf Fakahatchee grass, or Florida Gamagrass. This grass is low maintenance and fairly versatile, making it a prime candidate to populate your yard with. Another Florida friendly plant is the “Wendy’s Wish” Salvia. This plant is heat tolerant, which is a must in Florida, and also attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Their pink flowers do a great job of adding color and life to any garden.


Various Visitors


Plants are not the only component of a garden or yard. A big part of what makes the landscape beautiful is the various forms of life that visit or reside in it, including the bugs. Some bugs help the plants to flourish, while others feed on them and can be devastating to your garden. Fortunately, with the air cooling down, the damaging bugs will begin to die off for the winter. This gives you an opening to raise your plants without worrying as much about tiny insect demolition crews running through your flower beds. In addition to the bugs dying, cold weather everywhere else means bird migration. Birds will be passing through on their way to hotter weather, so putting out bird feeders can not only assist them in their journey, but also invite them to liven up your yard.

 Inside and Out


Cooling temperatures later in the winter also gives you an opportunity to focus on your indoor planting as well. Only certain plants thrive during winter, so having less obligations to outdoor plants opens you up to spending time on houseplants. Having houseplants is great for a home. They function as decoration, bringing bright and lively colors into a room or area. They also continuously recycle carbon dioxide and release oxygen, keeping your air fresh and your home gorgeous.

Keeping a garden going through the winter is certainly one of the perks of our climate in South Florida. Stay vigilant, continue to grow healthy plants, and keep our state looking amazing!

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