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The Secret Scent That Will Sell Your Home

What’s the first thing you notice when you walk into a home? Some will say the decorations or the lighting or another visual component, but the true initial detail which will form your opinion on a home is the smell. Visitors never forget it if they have been to a house with an unpleasant scent, and the opposite is true as well.

Beth Prystowsky of Chicago Now knows this well. According to her article on the subject, her house is populated by many scents the common American household will experience, including the various smells of children and dogs. However Prystowsky has discovered a solution to the modern American aroma and found a way to make her house smell like a Pottery Barn. Yes, Pottery Barn; the store that inspires and decorates so very many homes throughout the country. Apparently, Pottery Barn has a pleasant, Christmas-esque smell to it and Prystowsky has devised a formula that can make your home smell equally as inviting and charming.


According to Prystowsky, the secret to the Pottery Barn perfume is to combine lemon juice, vanilla, and rosemary in a crockpot and add water. That’s all. Prystowsky claims that the scent should be delicate, not dominant, and that after letting the crockpot sit in several rooms of her house she was able to notice a clear difference in the aroma of her home.


While Prystowsky uses this technique to freshen up her home for everyday life, it is beyond applicable to the process of preparing your home for a showing. Imagine being a potential buyer walking into a home. You get a glimpse of the beautifully staged entrance room and before you even know what has happened, you are invited in by a soothing yet enticing aroma. This trick is perfect for making buyers feel at home the first time they ever step foot in your house.

If you would like to read Prystowky’s original article, click here.

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