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It’s fall here in Florida, and despite the lack of visible change here there is very much a change in the atmosphere. The summer visitors are heading back home, the temperature is starting to drop into the 80s, and the holidays are just around the corner. Things are calming down, and you need music that properly fits the mellow Florida autumn vibes. Here are our favorite Spotify playlists for the fall season here in Palm Beach County.

beerandwings1) Beer and Wings

If you ask people what the best part about fall is, the majority will say football without hesitation. Football means Saturday tailgating and Sunday parties. Whether you’re a die hard Dolphins fan or you just can’t wait for the Thanksgiving Florida vs. Florida State game, odds are at some point you’ll throw or attend a football party, and this is the playlist you need. With a solid mix of alternative and hard rock, this playlist sets the tone for intense sporting greatness and offers a reasonable amount of testosterone for the perfect football party.

Listen to the playlist here.

afternoonacoustic2) Afternoon Acoustic

It’s cooling down here in beautiful South Florida. It’s still scorching by most peoples’ standards, but for us 70 degrees is sweatshirt weather and this intermediate season is perfect for sitting outside and enjoying the breeze. Throw on a t-shirt and shorts, make yourself a drink, and sit on your beautiful back porch while enjoying these calming acoustic tracks and appreciating our beautiful state.

Click here to listen to the playlist.

trendingontv3) Trending on TV

Fall TV has started up and everyone is hooked on their favorite shows. Whether it’s an intense drama, a critically acclaimed mini-series, or that new fall sitcom everyone is talking about, there is a pretty good chance that you’ve heard a good song in the background and wished you knew what it was. Well, there’s a playlist for that. Dig through this gem and find that track you’ve had stuck in your head since the last American Horror Story episode and set your mind at ease.

See what’s trending on TV here.

nikerunningtempo4) Nike Running Tempo Mix

Running here in Florida can be brutal, especially over summer. Most people choose to do so in the early morning or the evening to avoid the extreme midday heat. But now that it is cooling down, there are more opportunities to get out there and crush a 5k. With that cool wind blowing your direction and the clouds making shade, that Saturday beach run can come at 11 instead of 8, and this playlist is perfect for getting you hyped up and helping you pace at the same time.

Get the Running Tempo Mix here.

beachvibes5) Beach Vibes

What’s Florida without a little reggae? Even though it’s cooling down by our standards, the beach is still a perfect place to spend the day. Whether you want to go lay out and get some color, hang out at your friends’ back porch tiki bar, or listen to some tunes on the boat while you patiently await a nibble from a passing fish, this reggae playlist will remind you that you live somewhere where steel drums and flip flops are completely appropriate at all times.

Check the playlist out here.


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