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Realtor Safety


(Image by Lannis Waters of The Palm Beach Post)

When you think of dangerous jobs, “realtor” seldom comes to mind. However the reality is that when you break down the duties of a realtor, they include going to an empty house with strangers. While incidents are few and far between, they do happen and it is always best to be prepared.
Yesterday, The Palm Beach Post published an article on this very topic. They interviewed Michael Gauger of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office in order to get advice for realtors to help keep them safe. Some of the tips included carrying pepper spray, meeting clients at the office before heading to the house, ladies avoiding high heels, and bringing a buddy to the showing.
While incidents like the ones described in the article are rare, it always better to be safe than sorry. Take necessary precautions so you know that if you have to, you’re able to escape or defend yourself.

To view the original article, Click Here.

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