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Architecture is one of the prominent factors that can set areas apart from each other. Homes are designed differently around the country to handle their area’s specific environment. This develops the area’s distinct recognizable styles that home buyers are in search of. Here are some unique housing styles and the areas they call home!

South Florida

South Florida features many different architectural styles, some more practical for beating the hot summers and some featuring more of a cultural influence.



The modern style of South Florida homes is becoming more and more popular. Featuring tin roofs and planked exteriors, these houses are simple yet highly elegant. Predominantly painted white to compliment blue backgrounds and reflect heat, these houses’ light colorings are a testament to the light and relaxing lifestyle of scenic South Florida.

On the cultural influence side of things is the Miami Art Deco style. Utitlizing Art Deco architecture adopted from the classic Parisian style and blended with the tropical themes of South Florida, these buildings make up a colorful portion of Miami. Miami Art Deco uses pastel colors along with floral and aquatic embellishments and nautical designs to reflect the impact of the ocean on all aspects of life down South.

New England

This section of the country, which is incredibly rich in history, still uses a style today that can be traced all the way back to its British settlers.



The cottage style of New England used for summer homes, such as those on Long Island, is a style that has been around for centuries. These homes, originally inspired by British cottages, were developed by nostalgic settlers as a reminder of life back home. They were then adapted for the harsh New England winters, which lead to the large central chimney and cedar shingles for warmth. The steep roof was developed to help get rain and snow off of the house. This style lost its popularity after early settlement, but a revival in the 1920s saw it return to popularity. Now, this timeless and simple design is available and popular once more.


All eyes are on California these days. Considered a more progressive state in the country, California’s modern style homes hold true to that reputation.


A modern California home stands out. Featuring simple geometric shapes and hard edges with open floor concepts, the final version of these homes do not look nearly as simple as they are. This style of home will focus on energy efficiency by incorporating glass walls and skylights. These features help to naturally light the home to save on power and keep the home “green”.

Arizona / South West

The South West can be an overlooked area because of its proximity to the more popular California area. Nonetheless, it has many unique styles to offer that have developed through cultural influence.


The Santa Fe style house is one most people might be familiar with. Constructed with stucco and featuring a pueblo-style look, these plain square designs are reminiscent of the city they are named after. They feature a flat roof and wooden beams known as “vigas” which protrude from the front or over the garage. They offer a simple yet aesthetically appealing look which certainly fits the area.



Also common in the area is the Ranch style home. These homes have a strong visible Spanish influence. They feature pitched roofs with red tiles, which compliment the dryer areas of the South West. An inviting arched doorway is also an iconic style trend for this type of home. These can be found in mature areas as well as newer gated communities.

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