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Health foods are all the rage these days. A huge movement of people around the country are cleaning up the way they eat, encouraging other Americans to move past the days of fast food and take better care of their bodies. While a lot of South Florida spots have gotten behind this movement, one in particular stands out to us.

3 Natives is a local health food restaurant with locations in Tequesta and Juno Beach (right next door to One Ocean!). They offer a variety of options including smoothies, wraps, bowls, and bagels. While variety is great, the real sell of 3 Natives is that it has an inviting environment. Some health food places can feel a bit elitist, which can turn away potential clientele. No one wants to order the entry level hummus wrap, hold the sprouts, and a strawberry banana smoothie and have some Adonis sipping on kombucha judging them silently. This is a total non-issue at 3 Natives. Everyone working there is super friendly and welcoming, and they do their best to help you order something you’ll enjoy while simultaneously helping you ease into the sometimes scary world of kale and acai.

Along with the great atmosphere, 3 Natives offers a simple yet eclectic menu. You essentially have five categories to choose from: bowls, wraps, smoothies, fresh juices, and bagels. Each category offers its own variations, and any of the wraps can be served as salads for people who don’t want the extra carbs. The bowls are 3 Native’s mainstay. They consist of various combinations of acai, mixed fruits, and other nutrient heavy ingredients to create a flavorful bowl that’s healthy and enjoyable. Their smoothie and juice options are creative and delicious, and if you feel like going all in they offer a juice cleanse for $55.00 per day. The wraps and bagels are the easiest things for newcomers to get in to, and they range from simple (bagel with cream cheese) to elaborate (bagel with tuna salad, sunflower sprouts, cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, and avocado).

3 Natives is an overall great establishment. They care for their customers, provide delicious and healthy food, and are locally owned. If you’re looking for a positive place to clean up your eating, look no further. As their Juno Beach neighbors, we vouch for them.

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– One Ocean Drive Realty

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