Home Decor Trend: Metallic Accents

Oct 05, 2015

Metallic tones are a creative way to dress up any living space, but too much metallic can give you an overwhelming busy room. So, we suggest metallic accents as a clever trick to add a touch of style to any room. Adding metallics can give a modern or formal space a feeling of depth and spark. 


Here's a list of ways you can add metallic accents into your home:


Gold painted accent wall:

gold accent wall


Metallic accent pillows:

Metallic accent pillows

Click here for these exact accent pillows.


Silver framed mirrors:

silver frame mirror

Click here to get this mirror.


Brass side tables:

brass side table

Check out the table here.


Golden Sea Life artwork:

golden sea life

Click here for the Golden Sea Life Artwork.


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