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Lighting deeply affects the way people feel. It can make a room seem serene and calm, or it can distinctly identify a space as a place of socialization. The way you light your home can heavily impact the tone, whether you’re going for a rustic home, a more modern look, or even a tropical feel. We scoured and found some of the most unique lighting options available today.



This wine bottle lamp from HighGlassLiving is a cool DIY inspired piece that can fit anywhere that needs a little extra light.

Click here to view it on Etsy!



Archerlamp’s Cod Fish uses its fish scale lighting to create a light border which accentuates the intricate shadow shapes it casts on the wall.

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The turquoise pendant light from UneekGlassFusions effectively brings energy to a room through its use of color. The shape of the lamp combines a bright light spread which blends into blue light as it spreads, reminiscent of the way light looks underwater.

Click here to view this lighting fixture.



The octahedron lamp from PranayaDesign does the opposite of the Cod Fish, using the shadows of its shape to frame elegant designs formed by the escaping light.

Click here for this unique lamp.



This industrial light from WestNinthVillage makes use of a barn pulley and rope to balance its lamp fixtures. This unique design is flexible and can function properly in any space.

Click here to get this rustic lighting fixture.



Panselino’s light diamond cage allows for strong lighting with subtle but lovely shadow lines that truly set the mood for a space.

Click here for this modern look!

For more unique lighting options, check out our Unique Lighting Pinterest board. The link is as follows:

– One Ocean Drive Realty

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