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“The Breakers” is synonymous with “Palm Beach”. Originally built in 1896 by Henry Flagler, the Breakers has grown into a world-renowned resort offering an unparalleled experience. The Breakers offers incredible golf, a phenomenal hotel and beach club, as well as various impeccable dining options. Due to the perceived exclusivity, many are unaware that the Breakers have several restaurants open to the general public. These restaurants are all unique, but all offer an experience that you cannot get anywhere besides the Breakers.

Seafood Bar



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The Seafood Bar takes its name more literally than most would expect. Yes, the menu is almost entirely made up of high quality seafood dishes, but the physical bar in the restaurant is an actual aquarium. The aquarium bar also faces the ocean, making it apparent that the Breakers took their theme very seriously. This spot is outstanding for dinner and also functions well as an incredibly ambient watering hole.




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HMF (short for Henry Morrison Flagler) is a speakeasy-inspired bar and lounge that serves a variety of different food. Currently, HMF is the newest restaurant at the Breakers as well as the most popular. The mixologists behind the bar know what they’re doing, and the specialty drink menu is immaculate. On top of that, the menu is to die for. Featuring a variety of flatbreads, sushi, pizza and sandwiches, the menu at HMF has a perfect option for any guest.




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Echo is the only restaurant on this list that is off-property, but that does not harm its quality service or food in the slightest. Echo’s focus is Asian cuisine, and they deliver strongly. Boasting an incredible sushi menu among other Asian options, Echo is eclectic, unique, and absolutely delicious. We expect no less from a Breakers owned restaurant.

The Breakers is a landmark of South Florida. It boasts one of the best resort experiences in the world along with unparalleled service. Should you find yourself in Palm Beach, be sure to stop by for an unforgettable time.

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