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Awesome Summer Camps in Palm Beach County

One of the biggest stresses of moving to a new city is getting your kids involved. They’ve been brought to a new place where they don’t know anybody, and at a young age making friends and having fun is all that matters, especially during summer time. This is a nonissue here in Palm Beach County, where we have a plethora of amazing summer camp programs to get your kids acquainted with their new community while meeting new people and having a blast. The following is a list of 5 camps that any kid would enjoy.

1) Palm Beach Zoo Camp

The Palm Beach Zoo offers an immersive and informative experience for the casual zoo-goer, but their summer camp takes it to the next level. With a long list of activities including close-up animal encounters, zoo keeping activities, and backstage tours, Zoo Camp lets kids dive headfirst into the zoo experience and then some. Programs are available for children ages 5-17, so your child can keep coming back all the way through school!

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2) Golf Camp


Golf is a huge part of life in South Florida. People come from all around the world to play some of the famous golf courses we have here, so starting at a young age can be a good idea. The John Prince, Park Ridge, and Okeeheelee Golf Courses all offer camps led by PGA and LPGA professionals. These camps focus on swing development, different strategies for different parts of the course, and course etiquette. The camps accommodate kids from ages 4-17, so any young athlete can take advantage of this coveted instruction.

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3) Armory Art School


Rounding out our summer activities is art school. Keeping creative is a healthy way for kids to spend their summers, and what better place to do so than an art center? Armory offers camps not only during the summer, but also winter and spring breaks. Offering an all-around experience, kids have the opportunity to paint, draw, and create ceramics while simultaneously learning art history. This camp is perfect for the child seeking a creative outlet or one just trying to learn something new.

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4) Engineering for Kids


Keeping your child’s mind sharp between school years is important, and what better way is there to keep the wheels turning than getting them to use their brain power for fun? Engineering for Kids offers a variety of camps in the Palm Beach area that are devoted to using science and physics to solve problems. From engineering catapults to siege a medieval castle, to solving puzzles via popular video game Minecraft, to creating working robots with Legos and computers, kids can expand and challenge their brains all while exploring a topic they find fun and interesting.

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5) Adventure Mike’s Aquatic Camp

Water is life here in Palm Beach County. We have lakes, we have the intracoastal, and of course we have the Atlantic Ocean. Being water savvy is very beneficial to life here, and making sure your kids understand water safety is massively important. At Adventure Mike’s, kids will learn the necessary skills to be safe in the water as well as learn about our ecology here. As a professional photographer, Mike Bacon has learned the ins and outs of our waterways, and your kids will get to experience, boating, fishing, snorkeling, and more. This camp is ages 7-14 and a great way to experience the life aquatic.

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