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Christmas is right around the corner, and while the rest of the country is lighting fires and shoveling snow, we down in South Florida are still rocking shorts and t shirts. It can be difficult to get in the Christmas spirit when its sunny and 85, but decorations are certainly a step in the right direction. Since our South Florida Christmas is so tropical to begin with, we’ve compiled a list of several nautical themed Christmas decorations to get your home appropriately in the spirit this season.

Nautical Wreath Nautical Wreath

The first thing guests see at your house is the front door, and this nautical wreath will do a fantastic job of setting the tone for the rest of your house. Combining snowflakes with a classic captains wheel, this wreath hits a strong middle ground between Christmas and the sea. This one was a DIY and you can find a tutorial on how to make your own on HomeTalk.

Jellyfish Ornament

Jellyfish Ornament

Tree Ornaments are a key decoration for any Christmas aficionado. These jellyfish not only look awesome, but also give you that perfect under-the-sea feeling which every Florida Christmas needs! You can find these on ByTheSeashoreDecor‘s Etsy page along with many other nautical decorations!

Driftwood Noel Sign

Driftwood Sign

Driftwood is a nice decorative touch any time of the year, and Christmas is no exception. This particular driftwood sign is subtle and would blend well into any Florida home. This version is sold at Pier 1 Imports but if you have the driftwood, it could be a fun DIY project too!

Starfish Tree Topper

Starfish Topper

Everyone loves putting the star on top of their tree. Why not take it to the next level this year and put a starfish up there instead? Same shape, but feels a little closer to home. This one was made by Christmastreetops on Etsy. They also offer several other designs.

Season’s Greetings Sign

Seasons Greetings

Word play is always a winner, and a sign with the phrase “Sea-sons Greetings” on it ties the ocean theme together nicely. But if you aren’t into the wordplay, there are other options that do just as well, such as the “Happy Holidays” version pictured. This one is a DIY made using spare wood!

Light-up Shell JarShell Jar

These light jars are easy to make and are function as excellent and versatile accent pieces. Put them on the mantle, on the counter, even a book shelf. Either way, they’re sure to attract attention and bring light to your room. These are an easy and fun DIY project!

Love our ideas? Check out our Christmas Pinterest board for even more decoration ideas!

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