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It’s October, which means cooler weather, bonfires and football, but everyone knows that the only thing that really matters is that Halloween is right around the corner. Everyone loves the high spirits that come with Halloween. The balance between fun and horror is what makes it such an enjoyable time of the year, and home decoration has a lot to do with that. Whether it’s creating the most popular haunted house on your block or throwing the party that people will still be talking about at Thanksgiving, here are 5 decoration ideas that will make your house the place to be this All Hallow’s Eve.

1) Black Cat-o’-Lanterns

Jack-o’-lanterns are a staple of Halloween. Its more or less required for you to pick out the perfect pumpkin, scoop out the insides and carve it up for porch decoration, but there’s no reason you can’t mix it up a bit this year. Using one pumpkin for the body and one for the head, all you have to do is carve out eyes, spray paint the outside black, and put a candle inside to give that creepy nocturnal glow. Put it out front and let this spooky feline show the trick-or-treaters that you mean business.

2) Alternate Bottle Labels

There is nothing scary about serving a beverage, whether it be a coke bottle or something with a bit more kick, unless you spruce up the presentation a bit. At you can download these awesome fake poison labels to make your bar a bit more interesting. They give a whole new meaning to the phrase “pick your poison”.

3) Glowing Eyes

Sometimes subtlety can be eerier than blunt scares. No one likes to feel like they are being watched, and having that fear confirmed can definitely send shivers down your spine. By taking a basic toilet paper roll, cutting out eye shapes and filling the roll with glow sticks, you can create your own creepy creatures. Just hide them in the bushes out front and let the glow sticks do the work. No one is safe!

4) Bloody Shower Curtain

A great Halloween party requires attention to detail. You need to have surprises waiting for guests everywhere, even in the restroom! Everyone is aware of the classic Alfred Hitchcock film, Psycho, and the infamous shower murder scene. These shower curtains, reminiscent of that iconic scene, will do a great job of keeping your guests on their toes. You can do them yourself with red paint and white curtains, or you can find them online already done. Either way they’ll be a great addition to your party.

5) Fog Pumpkin

If you’re craving the classic jack-o’-lantern look but you still feel like you need something more, look no further. This trick is simple, just fill up a bowl with water and dry ice and throw it inside the pumpkin. He will look like he is emitting a terrifying fog and really set the mood for passersby and party guests alike. You can even throw a glow stick in there to give the fog a creepy glow!

For more ideas on how to decorate your home for this Halloween, please visit our Pinterest board, “Halloween Home Decorations“. You can find it here.

– One Ocean Drive Realt

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